What Kind of Advocacy Work I do:

Cycle Rights
Living Being Rights
Armenian American Politics
Armenian American Cultural Exchange

AIDS Lifecycle


cycle Rights


armenian american

Why I'm Involved

As an American with an Armenian Heritage, I believe it's important to participate in the Democratic Process and be an involved, activated, and motivated participant in my Local, State, and Federal politics. I want to do everything I can to incrrease the rights, standards of living, and quality of llife for all living beings; at home and abroad. That's what being an Earthling means to me.

AGHET: A 90 min German-Made Film about the Armenian Genocide


Screamers : A documentary featuring system of a down

A group focused on bringing together armenians to support the LGBT Community



HOW to Get involved

I believe that the primary reason most people know more about their favorite Sports Teams, TV Shows, Actors, Musicians, etc.(beyond simply being tired, or focused on keeping themselves and/or they're family afloat), is that the information needed to participate seems too challenging to find, process, assimilate, and act upon, and to do so while reasonably integrating the necessary action items into our lives.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke
My suggestions to all those interested in getting involved:
  • Start Wherever You Are
  • Check the links Below
  • Find out who your Representstives are (Local, State, and Federal)
  • Add them to your Contacts in Email and Phone
  • Pay attention to the Legislative Schedules
  • Pay attention to the Bills
  • Schedule an Appointment with one or more of your Representatives
  • Meet your Mayor
  • Sit in on a City Council Meeting
  • Remind them who they work for and WHY
  • Keep your mind OPEN!

We are more Powerful than we think. Stand up and GET STARTED!