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I've been an active performing and recording Musician since 1986.I've also Served the industry in almost every capacity possiblefrom Writing, Recording, Performing, Production, and Tour Support,to Manufacturing, Marketing, and Retail.

1986 - 2016

EPK / Promo Video

Savi0r - "What You have Lost" Video

ZoundHauz -My Dirty Valentine Show@ SubQ 02.12.11


I was 10 when I decided I wanted to make music for a living. I finally got a real guitar by age 14, and then a Bass at 15 and I just keep playing! I also seem to keep acquiring basses, guitars, amps, pedals, etc... well you get the idea. I love playing the Bass the most. But I also play Rhythm and Baritone Guitars, and pretty much anything with strings.

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“I have worked with Rich Kazanjian on many sessions and have a great appreciation for how quickly and deftly he's able to adapt to the musical situation at hand and make a valuable contribution. Rich gets the job done and can be counted upon to assimilate easily into any group dynamic. He is inspiring to work with.”

Oz Fritz- Producer/Engineer
(Tom Waits, Bill Laswell, The Ramones, Primus, Tabla Beat Science, Praxis, more)
"Rich toured with us for years and was a strong team member in every capacity. He's a valuable member of our Family, and I always enjoy working with him."

Steve Emler - Tour Manager/FOH/Production Manager
"Rich brings emotion, heart & soul to anything he works on. His bass work on our albums has been nothing short of perfection. If we need bass or a comrade to bounce ideas off of, he is our go to guy! The best!"

Victoria Lloyd Ross – Vocalist
(ClaireVoyant, HMB)



I believe Bass Playing is as much a mental philosophy as it is a physical role in a band. Guitar Players playing Bass are NOT Bass Players. One must THINK like a Bass Player. It is a spiritual occupation, not simply a sonic register. I'd like to think that I approach every session or gig with a sense of enthusiasm only matched by my professionalism. I just love to play, and I genuinely enjoy making music, so I'll do whatever is necessary to continue doing so.


I can analyze a piece to target what the proper place of an instrument, melody, or rhythmic line is, and get it right quickly. I believe that a good guitar line should at times, drive a piece, and at others, support the piece. I work hard at understanding the nature of the song, including lyrical content or emotional inference, and try to convey the best line accordingly. Empty notes are useless to me. There’s a time to rock, and time to roll, knowing when is what makes me special.


Roger Waters, Simon Gallup, Peter Hook, Geddy Lee, Big Country, John Lennon, Andy Rourke, Jaco Pastorius, the Police, Adam Clayton, John Taylor, Rocco Prestia, Mark Egan, Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell, Doug Wimbish, Doug Pinnick, Brian Wheat, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Prince, Mark King, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Gary Numan, Charles Mingus, Mick Karn, Tony Levin, the Edge, Tony Butler, Everything but the Girl, Dave Grohl, Marty Wilson Piper, Massive Attack, Matt Johnson, Angie Aparo, Roland Orzabal, David Gilmore, Martin Gore, Talvin Singh, Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, AC/DC, Rick Ocasek, Loud Amplifiers pounding my sternum into submission... (and so many more)


BASS / Creator
ZoundHauz is an Experimental, Improvisational, Noise/Sound-Scape, Band with a Melodic and Hyper-Rhythmic sensability with wide reaching appeal. Every show is unique, with a fresh and dynamic experience for each performance. ZoundHauz is spearheaded by Rich "Kaz" Kazanjian & Tom Cox.


Bass / Baritone / Co-Writing / Production / Engineering

As a session player I'm intuitive, a quick study, concerned about details, an admitted perfectionist, and yet easy to instruct and flexible. I'm grateful to work with some talented artists. Some Include:

  • ClaireVoyant - Metropolis Records
  • Jarboe (the Swans)
  • Various Sessions @ Jst. Recorders (Brian Wheat/Tesla)



Bass / Misc / Coordinator

Recess was a lot of fun while it lasted. It was a weekly organized jam session that took on many sonic shapes. The MySpace site is still up (rarely modified), but when I moved to Santa Cruz, I put the future of recess on the back burner. It has since morphed into ZoundHauz.



4pc. Pop-Rock Band from the Sacramento Valley Area that developed a medium-sized regional following opening for National Acts such as Seven Mary Three. Began playing a regular circuit of venues ranging in size from Clubs to Colleges along the West Coast and the Valley for over 2 years until personnel and life changes made separation imminent.

King Bradley Fisher - (KBF)


8pc. R&B/Soul/Pop Band from Sacramento that developed a strong local following for almost 4 years through constant performing in venues ranging from coffee houses and pubs, to large clubs such as Harlows. Nominated for a SAMMIE, KBF was at the peak of it's popularity and had begun looking for a more full-time management relationship. By the time of KBF's separation, The group had an impressive resume of shows with seminal soul bands such as Tower of Power. It's fair to say that KBF helped pave the way for a resurgence of local Original Soul and R&B music in the region. I just can't convey how tremendously talented each member was/is at their craft. I miss this band more than any other.


Bass/Baritone Guitar/Sonic Spark

Internationally Touring 4 pc. Ambient Avant-Garde Band from Sacramento, Ca and Bay Area. Recorded Two Albums for Belgian Record Label Sub Rosa Records with Producer/Bass Player Bill Laswell in NYC. With articles in Alternative Press, and a growing international fan base, NUS began work on a material for a third album. Personnel changes, and personal differences let to the dismantling of this revolutionary sonic wellspring of talent.

Various Bands - Artists

Bass / Baritone / Rhythm Guitar / Vocals / Smartass

Seven Reasons, Call Box, Josephine, Aimee Porter , Downboy, Enertia, Rasputin's Tears, Berserker, MUK, Daisy Chain, Three Way Window Pane... and plenty more that I haven't mentioned.


Although I've appeared on countless recordings,
the following are more noteable titles and Bands
Savi0r - "Seduced to Nothing" - Developmental Assistance
Claire Voyant - "Lustre" (Renegade of Noise Remix by Daniel Myer)- 2011 (Bass)
Claire Voyant - "Lustre" - 2009 Metropolis Records (Bass)
Jarboe "The MEN Album" - 2005 Atavistic Records (Bass/BaritoneGuitar/Melodies)
Claire Voyant - "Love is Blind" - 2002 Metropolis Records (Bass)
Nus - "Live in Bari, Italy" 1997 Sub Rosa Records (Bass)
Nus - "Live in New York" 1997 Sub Rosa Records (Bass)
Nus - "The Inside is The Only Way Out" 1996 Sub Rosa Records (Bass/Baritone Guitar)
Nus - "All the Verticle Angels" 1995 Sub Rosa Records (Bass/Baritone Guitar)

Corporate Affiliations / Sponsorship / Endorsements

These are a handful of companies I have relationships with.
These I consider close to the chest and work with regularly.
Since 1995
Some of the finest strings I've used. I typically use Nickel Wound for recording, but Steel for live. Believe it or not it makes a huge difference.
Since 1995
Cables DO make a difference. Every critical path in my signal chain is wired with Monster, and my tone is worth it.
Since 1996
What a cool company. Great products, great people, and everything is bulletproof. I use plenty of pedals, including the Bass Wah, Tremolo, and plenty of others. I use Tortex Picks, and have begun using their Strings on select Instruments.
Since 1995
These are just invaluable. I have a Bass and a Guitar, love them both, use them all the time, and they are HANDS DOWN the best in their class. If you want to keep your chops up while on the road or simply want a cool instrument to play, this is your next indulgence.
Since 1997
These are the finest production Basses made in America... if not the world. If my home was on fire, and I had only ONE instrument to grab, it would be my LAKLAND. You won't find a better, more versatile, familiar feeling instrument, with this level of craftsmanship and fit and finish on the market available. Period.
Since 2002
Ben Fargen hand makes, hand designs, and hand modifies the best sounding amps I've ever heard. He's a craftsman at the top of his game, with few peers.
Since 2011
GoGo tuners are accurate, reliable, durable, easy to use, easily portable, and easy see onstage. What more can you ask from a tuner?


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