Social / Fun

Midtown Sacramento
Urban Capture the Flag

team-based, water gun
midtown territory-grab

The goal is simple: Capture the other team's Flag and being to your home base. This is about organized teams that engae in Urban Warfare, Running through the streets, using machines, squirting friends with water guns, Barbecueing, strategically planing to steal other teams flags, and plant them in their own territory. Alcohol could be involved, but fun deffinately is. Interested?
Why the strawberry? Cause they're awesome

Armenian - American
Cultural Exchange

Connecting both the Armenian and American Communities

The goal of the Armenian American Cultural Exchange is to bring a sense of American cultural awareness to the Armenian Comunity in the United States, and also to bring a mutual feeling of understanding about Armenians to the American Community at large.

Carly Way
Movie Club

The best way to ease into the week... with friends

It seems like a shame to have a beautiful 7.1 THX Home Theater System only serve me when I have so many friends. So we all bring, make, or order food, choose movies, laugh, and have a great time. Wanna Hang?